Business Cards that Stand Out from the Crowd

Do you want your business card lost in a jumble of others? Didnt think so. One way to enhance your business card  is by imprinting it on a magnet. Not only will a magnetic business card physically stand out from a stack of cards, but it will compel the recipient to attach the magnet to their fridge, separating your card from the rest.


Beyond the decorative aspect, we have the usefulness aspect.  Its much more difficult to throw away a perfectly good magnet than it is a piece of paper. Your business card magnet will serve a purpose of keeping notes, grocery lists and childrens artwork in place. In other words, it could be on that family fridge for a very long time and the refrigerator is prime real estate for advertising.  Whether youre printing a new run of standard paper business cards or creating business card magnets ( does both!) you should consider these helpful tips:

Add a Short Slogan

No matter who you are or what you do, you probably have a slogan that you can put on your business card magnet. Even something as simple as "dependable plumber" tells the person all they need to know about your business. If someone makes several dozen trips to the fridge each day, then theyre always going to see "dependable plumber." Who do you think theyre going to call when the pipes spring a leak? This works for any business!


Keep it Simple

You might not want to junk up your business card with a lot of clutter. Keep the text simple and to the point. Your company name, what you do and your contact information is all you need.


Use Art for Arts Sake

What would you like to see on your fridge? Thats what you should consider when youre creating your new business card magnet. Black lettering on a white background might not make the cut. You want to incorporate bold, eye-catching colors and a fun graphic. Remember, this type of business card is meant to be viewed every day. Dont have any artistic abilities? Thats why you work with the pros at We have a team of talented graphic artists standing by to turn your thought into a vibrant design.


Here are some of our popular options! 

Business card magnets start at only $0.10 a piece. We offer standard size (2x3.5) business card magnets with these custom options:

25 Mil thickness which is the standard size for thickness

20 Mil which is the value size thickness

55 Mil which is a super strong business card magnet

Outdoor Business Card magnets are perfect for advertising on your car!

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