10 Creative Ideas For Save The Date Wedding Magnets

Author Brenna

As soon as you share the excitement of your engagement with your immediate family and friends you've got to get to work! It doesn't matter if your wedding is a year away; there is a lot of planning to do between now and the big date. First up: save the date. This is an announcement that can com...

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Super powerful Neodymium magnets VS everyday items ...

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This looks like a fun magnetic game! ...

Here is a short video of the newest member of the Kineti-Go Magnetic Games family... Introducing Implosion. I have spent about 80 hours playing this so far and cannot get bored of it.. The tension and potential consequence of each move is addictive!

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Magnets to clean up oil spills ...

This technique could clean oil spills using magnets. Credit: MOTHERBOARD

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This is awesome! Magnetic bike light. ...

Winner of more design awards than you can count, the incredible Lucetta Magnetic Bike Light now in shop - in Special Edition aluminum finish! average.is/collections/cycling/products/palomar-lucetta-magnetic-bike-light

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Magnets.com updated their cover photo. ...

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