10 Creative Ideas For Save The Date Wedding Magnets

Author Brenna

As soon as you share the excitement of your engagement with your immediate family and friends you've got to get to work! It doesn't matter if your wedding is a year away; there is a lot of planning to do between now and the big date. First up: save the date. This is an announcement that can com...

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Magnetic levitating Bonsai trees ...

This is really really really really cool Air Bonsai: Levitating Magnetic Bonsai Trees. Read more at: gineersnow.com/details/air-bonsai-levitating-magnetic-bonsai-trees

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These are cool! ...

Available here: bit.ly/1O81GwD Magnetic notes can stick to any dry surface, including wood, plastic, metal, leather, glass, textile, paper, and more. Magnetic notes don't have glue, which means no traces. Not only you can stick Magnetic notes from either side, you can also write on the back with a marker, erase it, and write all over again!

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Magnetic sculpture aka the new lava lamp ...

This table top magnetic sculpture is the modern lava lamp.

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Magnets and beauty. Magnetic face mask! ...

This face-ripping magnet pulls the dirt right off your skin.

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Super powerful Neodymium magnets VS everyday items ...

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