Free Shipping on all School Stickers and Magnets!


It’s almost that time again and we’re offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL SCHOOL STICKERS AND MAGNETS! Stickers and magnets create fellowship and camaraderie amongst students, parents, faculty and teams within your community. At Customized Stickers and we offer a wide variety of products that are great ways to raise awareness and boost that school spirit! Our most popular products include School bumper stickers and Bumper magnets which are guaranteed ways to spread your school’s spirit while on the move!


Giving out stickers at your schools’ pep rally will definitely get your school community excited and in high spirits.  Who doesn’t love coming home from a pep rally with a handful of team spirit? You can be sure they’ll be displayed with pride!


Booster clubs and Athletic programs use Mascot stickers and Sports Shaped magnets to successfully fund raise for their teams.   fINALFreeshipp  

Award and helmet stickers also act as great rewards to show appreciation for your teams’ individual contributions. Not to mention gives players the incentive to lift that team morale even higher, thus leading to way more success as a whole. Custom Team Schedule magnets, Academic Calendar magnets and Emergency Contact numbers are great for the fridge so you’re always up to date with upcoming school functions, games and important phone numbers. School-Cal_3  

Also among our most popular products, are Sponsored School Schedule magnets which are a win-win for both the sponsor and the school’s organization.  Not only are they excellent tools for promoting local businesses but they come at little to no cost for your organization.


We’ve got it all with purpose and what better way to kick off the up-coming school year than showing off your schools’ style, while  raising awareness, supporting your teams  AND receive free shipping on your order! Use code SCHOOLSHIP at checkout.

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