Whether you are marketing your business or promoting a fundraiser, Sports Magnets should be part of your Winning Game Plan!


Game Plan Football magnet

 Sports themed magnets come in all shapes, sizes and varieties, and that's because sports fans love to show-off  their team spirit everywhere they go.  If you are in the home of an avid fan, there is a very good chance you will know which teams they support just by looking at their  sports magnets on their refrigerator.  If you are stuck in traffic, you will quickly discover the favorite team of the driver in front of you by looking at the sports shaped outdoor magnet on their bumper.

helmet car magnet

Have you ever considered using sports magnets to promote your business or cause?  

We all know promoting our brand or organization is the key to success, but many of us do not have a marketing budget to run TV, radio, print or online ads.  With custom, personalized magnets you can promote your business or organization affordably, and for much less than you might  expect..

Sports Schedule Magnets - Think of a Sports Schedule Magnet as a Super Deluxe business card, one that will stay on your potential customer’s fridge long after the Super Bowl or the World Series.  Unique +  Useful + Affordable = The Winning Advantage! A sports schedule magnet already has a captive fan base because it features a local or professional sports team, and the best  part is that the fan also sees YOU every time they look at their favorite team’s schedule on their refrigerator. Whether it is soccer, baseball, football or hockey, these magnets feature the team schedule, team colors, and best of all,  your information, too! has a  dedicated team of graphic artists with a wide array of images and photos to be used on your company’s custom team schedule magnet.  As an added bonus, the design with your customization is FREE of charge!

football schedule magnet                                       football shaped magnet

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