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There is something about the challenge of word magnets that’s hard to ignore. The temptation to create your own masterpiece is real. A silly haiku or a pun; you must give the fridge owner a good chuckle!  Word magnets are wonderful for marketing, fundraising, and even Save the Dates because they appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds! Request your free sample and see for yourself how fun these promotional products truly are!


How to Create Word Magnets:

At, our team of talented designers will create a custom design for you. We’ll be happy to assist you with selecting the words on your magnets. We do however, recommend applying your expertise to develop the words that best reflect your brand or organization. If you don’t have time to brainstorm the perfect set of words for your brand, there’s an easy alternative! Seek out those golden words using a free word cloud generator like Wordle or ABC YA. Word cloud generators will create a “cloud” of words based on the content of your website! You can also type or paste in relevant literature like your website’s “About” page or an event flyer.  Here is a word cloud made up of this blog post!


Once you’ve chosen the most significant words associated with your brand or organization, you’ll want to remember to sprinkle in some conjunctions (I’m trying hard to not get the song stuck in my head)!

Word Magnets for Brands

Marketers know the importance of creating opportunities for their audience to interact with a brand.  On social media, interactive marketing ranges from Q&A’s in the comments sections, to photo-contests, to full-fledged games that in one way or another incorporate some aspect of the given brand. The goal is to create an experience that enhances the users perception of a brand. Marketers also know the importance of physical marketing – hence the 17.7 billion dollar industry of promotional products.  Like interactive marketing, physical marketing places emphasis on experience.


Word Magnets are excellent promotional products because they offer up the best aspects of both interactive and physical marketing!

The word magnets below were recently printed by for Villa Sandi, a prosecco maker in Veneto, Italy.


3.5 x 8.25″ Custom Fun Word Promotional Magnets

The word magnets below were made for Rock Creek Yarn.  The company based in Maryland paired font styles with cute illustrations of knitting materials. The end result is a creative promotional piece knitters will adore! For such a crafty target audience, word magnets are the perfect promotional product.

5.5" x 5.5" Custom Word Magnets

5.5″ x 5.5″ Custom Word Magnets

For kids, word magnets can be a learning tool. That’s why a lot of the word magnets we print are for businesses whose target audience is children! Kids will love tinkering with these word magnets!


5.25 x 6.25″ Word and Photo Frame Fridge Magnets

5.25 x 6.25" Word and Photo Frame Fridge Magnets

5.25 x 6.25″ Word and Photo Frame Fridge Magnets

Framed Word Magnets for Schools

Framed Word Magnets are a popular, useful and fun promotional product. Colleges and universities often mail these magnets out to prospective students as a method to attract interest to the school. The university name and/or logo are displayed on a frame which surrounds carefully selected words and images that represent the school. The frame can be used to display photos or to house word magnets that aren’t in use.  Meanwhile, your school’s branding sticks around for years to come!

The University of Michigan ordered the framed word magnets below for their Living Arts program. This is a great example of how selecting the right words can generate an entertaining promotional product geared towards a specific campus group and event.

6.5 x 5" Custom Picture Frame and Word Magnets

6.5 x 5″ Custom Picture Frame and Word Magnets

Mechina of South Florida gave out framed word magnets at their Annual Father/Son Brunch ’n Learn. A perfect souvenir to frame your father/son bonding memories.


6.5 x 5″ Custom Picture Frame and Word Magnets

Fundraising with Word Magnets

Word magnets are not only for promoting bands, in fact many of the word magnets we print are for non-profit organizations seeking to raise funds with the sale of word magnets. Here’s one printed for the Metlink Wellness foundation


3.5″ x 8.25″ Custom Word Magnets

The next frame magnet was designed for the Harrison Township Historical Society. This magnet promotes the historical society and the community it serves. There is no better way to show pride for your hometown than with a word magnet like this.


5.25 x 6.75″ Custom Picture Frame Message Magnets

Save the Date Wedding Word Magnets

In this example, engaged couple Casey and Aaron shared a unique word magnet with friends and family before their summertime nuptials. Using inspiring words and phrases that describe their relationship and wedding day, their guests will surely remember and cherish this Save The Date Magnet for many years to come.

3.5" x 8.25" Custom Word Magnets

3.5″ x 8.25″ Custom Word Magnets

When marketing or publicizing, an interactive promotional item will leave a longer lasting and more memorable impression of your organization, brand, or event. Click here to shop all word magnets!

At we offer free design, setup and proofs! Give us a call at 866.229.8237 or email us at!

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