How Magnets Attract Attention

These days, its not enough to print up a few hundred business cards, flyers, or promotional handouts and wait for the orders to come rolling in. Customers already have dozens if not hundreds of business cards from people just like you, and your average card is not likely to be memorable enough on its own. They rarely read flyers or handouts before tossing them in the nearest trashcan. By replacing your business cards, flyers, and promotional ads with custom magnets, though, you can ensure that your customers see your name each and every day.

Getting Seen with Promotional Magnets
Whereas most paper-based promotional materials get tossed into the trash, people are much more likely to hold onto useful items like magnets. Even if they dont immediately pay attention to whats printed on them, they will more often than not affix your custom promotional magnets to their fridge, filing cabinet, or metal desk. They may use your custom magnets to hold up their kids artwork, keep important documents readily available, or simply hang up the grocery list. Whatever your magnets are used for, theyll likely be seen every day from then on. Your potential customer will see your name dozens of times a day, making it more likely that they will remember your name when they need your services.

Personalized Magnets for Personal Messages

You can even personalize your magnets design for one-of-a-kind appeal. Though magnetic business cards are easy to design and speak to a high level of professionalism, decorative and custom shaped magnets can allow you to stand out from the crowd. Use a house shaped magnet to promote your construction business, or use magnets shaped like vehicles for your home delivery service. You can even design your own shape of decorative magnets with completely customizable templates and designs. Use your imagination and come up with a unique message that people will remember. With hundreds of options for personalized magnets, its easy to attract and keep your customers attention. So, try out some decorative magnets of your own, and make sure your message sticks around.

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