Magnet of the Week: Engfer Pizza Works

Engfer Pizza Works began as a dream of Liz and Katherine, who both come from a line of entrepreneurs based in Northern California. Liz and Katherine share a love of pizza and their dream of owning a small restaurant became a reality in Santa Cruz.


Here are four of our favorites elements to Engfer Pizza Works magnetic business card they've printed with us:
  • White text on a dark background. Their information really pops out and grabs your attention!
  • Black magnet on a (most-likely) white fridge. Similar to the aesthetic effects of  the white text and and black background, this magnet is going to stand out on a fridge with sharp contrast.
  • Family Ties. Their logo features Grandpa Engfers flatbed truck from Engfer Iron Works. Heavy duty and long lasting, this truck now delivers a new message.
  • Combo of photo and illustrated imagery. The flat bed illustration ties together whimsically with the photo-based images behind it.

Do you want to make a 2x3.5" Business Card Magnet like this one? Dont have your own design? No worries! Our design team will create a beautiful magnet for you, free of charge!

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