Magnet of the Week: H&L Imprints

H&L Imprints is a graphic design and photo company that enjoys getting involved with their community of Brockton, Massachusetts. Their design work ranges anywhere from business cards to banners, and building signs. They have a special knack for working with clients that really want a new look and need completely new branding. H&L Imprints photography services truly allow them to incorporate the personal images of their clients into their brand needs. Building brands is what H&L Imprints loves to do! View all of their services here:


From a community aspect, H&L Imprints is currently exhibiting an art gallery called "City of Champions" to foster positive energy in their city and display what the people of Brockton are about. H&L Imprints is working hard to redevelop a reputation for the city they love, as Brockton is often pegged as an undesirable place to live, work, or grow a family. Their efforts are destined to bring positive attention to all of the good people and resources that are in Brockton, Massachusetts.

To help spread the word about the exhibit, H&L Imprints designed these BEAUTIFUL business card (2 x 3.5") magnets! Weve selected them as "Magnet of the Week" for the obvious reason of a stunning design, but we also admire the beauty of their purpose. Its great to hear of companies who truly care about the bigger picture and we love to see art bringing a community together.

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