Magnetic Chain Reaction

Talk about a chain reaction! You-tuber Kaplamino constructs amazing Rube Goldberg machines using objects like blocks, dominos, marbles, cups, string, various toys and even ice blocks! The You Tube channel is a mecca for all things law of physics. One of the most popular uploads has a special wow factor and we love it. Kaplamino uses magnets and marbles not only as the title, but to create some amazing domino-like chain reactions!

The use of wooden blocks, marbles and magnets carefully placed in this sequence, plays with gravity magnetic energy and motion. As the first marble starts rolling, it sets off the entire contraption with the wooden blocks acting as guide barriers for the marbles. The marbles then take turns bumping into spherical shaped magnets causing them to either attract or repel another, thus creating indescribable movement through the machine. There are stop and gos manipulated by what looks like raw spaghetti which control the movement smoothly within the sequence. This also creates the bounce which propels the marbles toward the magnets. There is also a swinging effect in which smaller magnets are used. These smaller magnets act as a rope for the larger one that will take its place at the end of the magnetic segment causing spaghetti to break or bend and open new routes for the magnets and marbles.To watch this is stimulating and inspiring to say the least and it is another inventive way magnets are used. Check it out! Well be subscribing to the You Tube channel.

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