Realtor Magnet of the Month – Kim Latour

Take a look at your refrigerator and chances are you will see a magnet from your favorite local Realtor. Professionals across the real estate industry, like agents, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors, to name a few, have been utilizing affordable magnetic advertising for decades.

Realtor Magnet of the Month – Kim Latour

Some popular choices are magnets containing important information, such as business card magnets,  house shaped magnets, and kitchen measurement magnets. Our Magnet of the Month goes to Kim Latour, a real estate expert who specializes in waterfront properties.  She cleverly chose one of our premium strength magnetic business cards with an image that is not only attractive, but also reflects her real estate specialty – Waterfront properties.  Her clever slogan printed on the magnet also makes her magnet an inspirational, conversation piece for any kitchen.  Read more about why Kim Latour chooses Magnets to advertise her business…

Magnets: Tell us a little about You and Your Business. 

Kim: I specialize in waterfront and water view luxury properties in Manhattan and mid coast Maine. I have a long family history of sailing and boat building with an understanding for a variety of coastal sectors which is helpful in assisting buyers and sellers secure either an ocean retreat, or a pied a terre with a view. In a competitive marketplace, buyers and sellers deserve professional advice from a well-connected broker with insight and knowledge of myriad properties and communities. 

Magnets:  What do you think your Customers/Clients love about working with you?

Kim: I enjoy working with people and I am dedicated to delivering high quality service to make each transaction an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Warmth, empathy, active listening and an attention to detail help soothe any rough waters. Thinking out of the box inspires me, and as an example, I developed a newsletter, "My New York on the Waterfront."  A fun and informative report on NY happenings, and a reminder of New York's maritime narrative, and life on an island (Manhattan).

Magnets: How do you use magnets to market your business & “Make Your Message Stick”?

Kim: Magnets are a part of my marketing campaign, an economical and effective way to get my message out there, and also give a little something to potential clients and industry colleagues that they can use!  An exceptional product. 

Magnets: Why do you like working with

Kim: Working with is always a pleasure. They deliver on time in a cost effective manner, and most importantly, with enthusiasm! 

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