September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? This is a time to honor and recognize the children and familys who have been affected, a chance to raise awareness.Childhood Making everyone aware as much as possible encourages the support of funding the research for finding cures!Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15. Thats a fact. However, the cause of cancer in children is often unknown. We know it is caused by abnormal cell growth which forms tumors. There are two types of tumors; Malignant and Benign. Malignant tumors, means it has the ability to spread rapidly to other areas of the body. Benign tumors usually arent cancerous and do not have the ability to spread and stay in the affected area but will most likely still require treatment. Symptoms can mimic common illnesses like the flu, cold or a migraine headache.The good news is childhood cancers are often more curable than cancer in adulthood since childhood cancer is different than that of adult cancer. With more backing in the fight against cancer these cures are becoming more obtainable.cure_childhood_cancer_oval_car_magnetb7d20d723a50d47c5a63d93df7eceba2 customizedstickersoval So how do you make yourself and others aware? Donate to an organization, give-back promotions, volunteer, share some knowledge, attend an event, fund raise for an organization or help a family.There are a number of ways to raise awareness.In the case of we help make the message stick with

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