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awareness-blog-img Did you know stickers and magnets can raise some serious awareness?!There are a number of Health Awareness issues every singe month.Read up here: you a big organization or small group looking to raise awareness? Are you an individual planning to pay tribute for a specific cause? Customized stickers and can help!During the upcoming months, to encourage the support of raising awareness to fund research in finding prevention and cures, we are offering free shipping on all Stickers and magnets for a cause!Check out some of the Awareness stickers and magnets weve done in the past.  awareness words

Word Magnet


Bumper Sticker


Puzzle Piece shaped magnet


Oval shaped magnet

129583Rectangle sticker


Custom Ribbon shaped magnet

 Some were also eager to share their stories as to how they used to their products to shine some light on their mission to raise awareness, so we proudly featured them!  article1418117615.jpg

Read about Boobie Trapped


Read about McHenry Turkey Trot for Hospice


Diva Daisys Story




Read about Princeton Half Marathon

   Share your story about a sticker or magnet for a cause you made with us! Well feature you and your organization in an upcoming blog post! Get out there and raise awareness!

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