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Your experience is unique! Whether you use magnets/stickers to raise funds for a cause, increase sales for your business, as invites to a celebration or mementos of a special occasion, we want to hear how you make your message stick.

A picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include a photo with your post!

Here are some ideas to get you started (this is just a guide you can tell us whatever you would like):

  • Tell us about your business or organization. What do you sell, where are you located, website address and any other relevant pages (like Facebook) that you’d like us to link to.
  • How did your magnets/stickers contribute to your business or organization?
  • How were they distributed (mail, package inserts, etc)?
  • How did they affect your sales or fundraising efforts?
  • How was your experience working with or Customized Stickers?


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Posts updated their cover photo. ...

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Here's some Magnetic, dancing origami for your friday! #happyfriday ...

Designer attaches magnets to origami cranes to make them dance! via Ugoita T #origami #magnets

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The magnetic game of Klask. Ever heard of it? ...

Klask warranted its own post. Lena brought it; it's a magnetic dexterity game, along the lines of air hockey and foosball. Watch this one minute video for how it's played.

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