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Customized Sticker of the Month - BIKE JC - December 2017

Customized Sticker of the Month - BIKE JC - December 2017
When you have a super cool logo, custom individually cut stickers are the best way to show it off! Jersey City cyclists are often spotted cruising around town with Bike JC's "graffiti-tattoo" style logo stickers on their helmets and bicycles. Read all about what makes these stickers so unique....

Customized Sticker of the Month - Downtown Yogurt

Customized Sticker of the Month - Downtown Yogurt
Just like, Downtown Yogurt is in the business of providing its customers with customized products. This month we honor a fellow Jersey City, NJ business, Downtown Yogurt, with "Sticker of the Month." We love working with Downtown Yogurt to create their custom branded logo stickers, and we also love to visit their store to "customize" our very own frozen yogurt indulgence. Read more about why Downtown Yogurt believes stickers are one of the keys to their success!

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