Comparing Magnets

What to Look for When Comparing Magnets

As simple as they may be, a magnets is not a magnet is not a magnet. From printing to materials, there truely are several corners to be cut ---all in the name of saving a few cents. Rest assured knowing with there are no corners cut. No sneaky ways to drive extra margin. Nothing inferior leaving our office.


1. A Thicker Magnet is Not Necessarily Stronger/Better

Contrary to common belief, thicker is not always better...

Strength, not thickness, is the ultimate measure of a magnet's quality and holding power. At we use only the highest quality, strongest magnetic materials available, capable of holding up 3-5 sheets of paper. What's more, our magnets are made with 15ml magnetic material and 10ml paper stock and laminate ---have you asked what others are using in their so called 25ml magnets? 

2. Be Aware of Pesky Hidden Fees

As the old adage goes, if something appears too good to be true it probably is.

Many companies advertise low prices by leaving out important basic services and features -think additional colors, proofs, high gloss coating, and the like. A low advertised price quickly balloons after all essential add-ons are included. So much for that ‘low’ price.

At the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay. Valuing your time and business, you can rest assured knowing you’ll never be charged for basic services and features such as extra colors, bleeds, scans, or premium coatings. In fact, it's all included in our guaranteed lowest prices.

3. Lookout for Inferior Printing Quality

What do screen printing, desktop laser, and inkjet all have in common?

Inferior printing quality, why of course. When it comes to printing and print quality uses only industry leading, full 4-color printers. No cutting corners mean you get the best quality magnets possible.

4. Avoid Poor Laminations, Materials, and Coatings

Some companies print their magnets without any type of protective coating. Others companies use a thin "varnish coat" or an adhesive cover-sheet. Living up to our mission of providing our customers with only the best, we use a durable, long-lasting cellosheen coating on each and every magnet we produce, save for outdoor magnets. Non-toxic and tough as nails, this coating is designed to last for years. Heck, it may even outlast your refrigerator.

5. Know Who You’re Dealing With

At we:

  • Manufacture all our magnets in-house so you don't have to deal with paper-pusher middlemen
  • Maintain a list of 50,000+ satisfied, well-known customers
  • Follow an ethical code of conduct & business practices, and are members of the BBB
  • Have a phone number that dials through to an actual person -866.229.8237, in case you were wondering