Environmental Philosophy

Magnets.com Environmental Philosophy

We truly believe the environmental and green movements of late are far greater than simple trends or feel-good PR stunts. Indeed, we should all strive to take action. Shaping the way we conduct our business, we make it a priority to reduce our environmental imprint for current and future generations, in part by:


  • Using heavy metal, phthalate, and toxin free US made magnetic material consisting of approximately 77% recycled raw materials
  • Using cardboard packaging made with at least 60% recycled materials
  • Using only American sourced materials and components in all our products
  • Employing a 100% paper free online order and payment system
  • Recycling 100% of our office paper
  • Never printing or sending printed product catalogues


Of course, you can help in this endeavor by recycling our cardboard packaging and keeping soft (vs. printed) copies of our correspondence.

We realize it’s a start and will continue to become better informed so we can take additional steps to further reduce our impact.