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What some of our customers are saying ...

I had a wonderful, straightforward purchasing experience, the product arrived promptly and was exactly what I had wanted/purchased. These magnets are a fundraiser for my veterinary school class - we're raising money for items we will need for our clinical rotations. We don’t have much time or money to invest initially, so the reasonable price and order efficiency were HUGELY helpful! While I did have a fairly simple design, the turn around from the graphics group was great and they did a wonderful job. Every individual I worked with was polite, efficient and made the process very easy. I have already placed a second order based on how well the first went and how quickly the magnets have sold, and I would not hesitate to place further orders or recommend Magnets.com to others interested in your products.  Please let the whole team know I appreciate their professionalism and hard work!

Thank you,

Catharine Cowan  ....

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Clip Magnets

Clip Magnets

Magnetic clips are not only useful and creative, but also a cost effective, long lasting promotional product that'll help you advertise and promote your business. In fact, we have dozens of these refrigerator clip magnets around the office holding important and not so important papers.

Don't forget that Magnets.com's graphic artists can design your custom clip magnets Free of Charge! Check out the following clip examples to see pricing by quantity and artwork design instructions.


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