Guerrilla Marketing with Customized Stickers: 11 Budget Friendly Ways

The sticker that helped Reddit gain popularity


This reddit logo sticker probably cost a few pennies, but  it helped reddit go viral.  Now, reddit has more than 250 Million users in 217 countries (!

Stickers are a proven advertising method. Just ask reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. In his book, "Make Something People Love: Lesson from a Startup Guy", Ohanian reveals: “Yes, stickers are the soundest investment I ever made!”

Plastering the custom reddit alien stickers everywhere generated huge interest and brand awareness for the company. The clever marketing strategy of placing reddit alien stickers on signs and poles, and handing out the stickers at conferences and events, made the sticker campaign go viral. Other people began stickering the stickers and uploading pictures of the stickers to the Internet. Reddit’s sticker marketing campaign is a huge success story!

I know what you are thinking: “How can stickers help my marketing campaign go viral?”

Well, think of it like this: the more often someone sees your unique, branded sticker plastered around their community, the more likely they will investigate what your sticker is all about. Brand recognition is just one of the ways stickers can build  your brand awareness which ultimately will lead to more revenue for your business.

Guerrilla marketing with stickers is very effective and some of the largest brands n the USA use stickers to pull off impactful marketing campaigns. 

Here are 11 Budget Friendly, Guerrilla Marketing ideas for your branded stickers:

1) Slip stickers into books at your local bookstore

2) Include loose stickers in your product packaging 

3) Slap a branded sticker on all of your shipping cartons ( AMAZON does it!) 

4) Give out stickers at a local skateboard park

5) Distribute stickers to the folks working on their laptops at local cafes and coffee shops.

6) Create a co-branded sticker for local food trucks 

7) Hand out stickers to tailgaiters at sporting events 

8) Leave stickers along with tips at restaurants

9) Give out stickers at the Local Farmers Market 

10) Distribute stickers at concerts or music festivals

11) Align with a local charity event and do some co-branded stickers for their swag bags

Another wonderful thing we know about stickers is that they are easily shared and collected. Give people 2 stickers so they can pass one on to a friend, and you will attract even more customers to your business.

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes, they are ridiculously affordable at just pennies a piece, and their super-effectiveness will be a sound investment for you,  too! offers FREE design & FREE Set-up with very competitive prices.

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