Customized Sticker of the Month - BIKE JC - December 2017

When you have a super cool logo, custom individually cut stickers are the best way to show it off! Jersey City cyclists are often spotted cruising around town with Bike JC's "graffiti-tattoo" style logo stickers on their helmets and bicycles. Read all about what makes these stickers so unique....

Customized Sticker of the Month - BIKE JC - December 2017 Tell us about Bike JC.

Bike JC: Bike JC is a New Jersey 501 c(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to transform the streets of Jersey City into ones that are safer and more pleasant to travel by bicycle. We promote improved bicycle infrastructure, an increase in secure bicycle parking, we lead group rides including our now infamous Jersey City Ward Tour that takes close to 2,000 cyclist through all 6 Wards of Jersey City on the first Sunday of June annually, and our free Bike Valet service at many of Jersey City's great outdoor events throughout the summer months. How do you use your custom vinyl stickers? How did you come up with such a cool design?

Bike JC: We use the stickers as promotion and advertising. Cyclists love them and often put them on their bikes or helmets. The original art work for the "Wings" sticker was done by the GreenVillain art collective and then adapted for use as a Bike JC symbol. We also have this design on T-shirts which are very popular. Why do your customers love Bike JC?

Bike JC: We don't really have "customers" as we aren't a business but we certainly have allot of fans and we think that that's because we love bicycles and getting around Jersey City by bike as much as they do. In your own words, why do you love working with Customized Stickers?

Bike JC: Working with CustomizedStickers has been a great experience! They know their business, they deliver on time, the product is excellent, and they are in JERSEY CITY, YO!

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