Customized Sticker of the Month - Uscape Apparel

Customized Sticker of the Month - Uscape Apparel

At we make custom decals for a wide variety of customers. Here are some examples:

  • Breweries use “stickers” as labels on their bottles;
  • Fundraising events use stickers as giveaways to raise awareness;
  • Schools use stickers as rewards for student achievements;
  • Pediatricians/Hospitals use stickers to reward patient bravery;
  • Sports leagues/teams use stickers to show team spirit;
  • Cultural Institutions and Non-profits use stickers as promotional swag for their member;
  • Manufacturers/Warehouses use stickers to label parts and cartons
  • Every type of Company, small-sized to Fortune 500, use custom logo stickers as a cost-effective way to promote and market their brand.

 This month, we put the spotlight on these custom rectangle stickers we printed for a different kind of customer: USCAPE APPAREL.  

Proudly MADE IN THE USA by, Uscape offers a unique  assortment of collegiate stickers to more than 200 college and prep school bookstores.

CustomizedStickers:   What is the Uscape Story, and how did the business start?

Uscape:    Uscape was born in  an undergraduate business management course where we had to create and sell a product to fund a community service project. Our original product was a Bucknell University skyline long sleeve shirt.  While wearing the shirt during my semester abroad, many students from other schools asked if I could make one for their university. After returning to Bucknell, we did just that! We have now grown Uscape into a full brand of products, including custom stickers, that can be found in over 200 schools across the US and Canada.

 Bucknell Skyline

CustomizedStickers:   What products do you purchase from us?

Uscape:     We design our own artwork for every school. Then we send our artwork to Customized and they turn our artwork into individually cut & packaged UV coated vinyl stickers. Then, we sell the stickers  to school  bookstores for their student, parent and alumni customers.

 Geneseo Sticker

CustomizedStickers:   How would you describe your experience working with

Uscape:     The quality of the stickers is tremendous! The customer service, and turnaround times have always been great. That is why we have been your customers for a long time.   


CustomizedStickers:   We now offer packaging options to our wholesale customers.  Has the new sticker retail packaging helped your company?

Uscape:     The new packaging  has been greatly appreciated by our bookstore customers. The stickers can now go right from the box onto a merchandise rack!  Store managers also tell us that compared with loose stickers flying all over the store, the stickers packed  inside the clear-see-through packaging  makes inventory control a breeze.


Visit  We would be happy to design and produce your next sticker project!  

 Sticker25 Off

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