Do Your Parks Car Magnets Tell People How you feel about Their Park Job


The Do Your Park magnets have cute cartoon graphics along with such pointed messages as:

"Is parking straight too mainstream for you?"

"Titanic. The Hindenburg. This parking job."

"Airlines would charge you double for this."

"Coloring books must have been hard for you."

When armed with a packet of Do Your Park Magnets, youll be able to slap them onto any vehicle that strays from path. These car magnets are 100% anonymous but will certainly deliver your message of frustration in a humorous way. Isnt that the best way to handle these kinds of situations?


You might also opt to use outdoor magnets for your own business promotion. Suppose you were to print up custom refrigerator magnets with your company logo and a helpful calendar. You could go back to that same mall parking lot and distribute your company magnets in the same way by affixing them to car doors.


Those drivers can bring the magnets into their kitchen or office and always have your information in sight. Magnets are an affordable and easy way to get your brand out into the community. Everybody loves a clever magnet!

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