First timer to!!

I was shopping around the internet looking for stickers for our medical company and came across the website. The website was very user friendly and informative so I proceeded uploading a picture and submitting it to the company. After doing so I was connected with Jamal Wright, a sales consultant for He gave me many pointers and ideas to think about when designing the perfect sticker for our company.


1.5x1.5 Custom White Vinyl Stickers on a Roll

After much deliberation I decided to order 2,500 stickers and I couldnt be happier with the finished product and experience I had working with Jamal. I will definitely recommend anyone who is looking for some simple advertising options to get connected with Jamal and or

Sincerely, Joe Donniker Product: 1.5x1.5 Custom White Vinyl Stickers on a Roll Name: Joe Domini Company: Walkabout O and P City: Wausau State: Wi


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