How Much do Magnets Cost?

How Much do Magnets Cost?

Everyone is trying to maximize their advertising dollars, and customized magnets or Stickers are a great investment at a low cost. The first question you might  be asking yourself  when shopping for custom printed products is, “How Much Do They Cost?”  Does less than $0.10 cents per piece sound like music to your ears?  Even a single color photocopy costs more than that!  It doesn't matter if you are buying pens, mugs, tshirts, stickers or magnets, these FIVE helpful tips apply to all kinds of custom printed products. For the purposes of illustration, we focus on one of our favorite promotional products, MAGNETS!

How to Get the Best Quality and the Best Deals for Custom Magnets:

Custom magnets are a great low-cost marketing tool, but it is important to emphasize that the products and services offered at various custom magnet online stores are NOT the same. Make sure when purchasing your custom product that you are comparing apples to apples for quality, cost and customer service.

Here are some helpful tips about how to get the BEST quality product for the lowest cost to you:

#1 - Shop at reputable online store

A reputable Website that sells custom promotional magnets should always offer:

FREE Custom Artwork, FREE Proofs, FREE Set-Up, 100% Low Price Guarantee, and most importantly, NO PAYMENT REQUIRED until you approve your final artwork.

The Customer Service and Sales team should also be well-versed in their product offerings, and be able to pick up the phone and speak to you LIVE to answer any questions.  Customizing products can be confusing the first time, but if you are working with a reputable online business, you should expect excellent customer care. Period.

#2 – Look for Ecommerce Sites that Manufacture in their Own Factory

Online stores, like and sister company, , are able to offer the best prices on their custom magnets, stickers and labels because they are also the manufacturer. When you are working directly with a  MADE IN USA factory, there is no wholesaler mark-up, and you will get the very best price.

#3 - Read the Product Descriptions Carefully

With custom printed magnets, THICKNESS MATTERS.  Some online stores offer a standard thickness that is far superior while still managing to meet or beat the price of their competitors. If you want your customers to be impressed with the look, feel and overall quality of your custom branded magnet, you will want a fridge magnet with a standard thickness of at least 25mil, like this fridge magnet business card. If you are purchasing a custom magnet that will be used outdoors, on a car or truck, for example, you will want to make sure the thickness is at least 30mil and that the magnet has a special UV coating that can withstand all weather conditions.

In short, some sellers offer custom printed magnets that are super cheap, and the price seems too good to be true. Beware! Ask for a sample before ordering. Examine the sample and if it feels extra thin, bends easly and can't even hold up 2 sheets of paper on a fridge, a magnet from that seller will not represent your brand in the best possible light.  

The same is true for Stickers. You need to be sure that the type of custom sticker you choose is made of materials that will hold up to the way you intend to use it. Look for online retailers who know their stuff and like to educate their customers with helpful information, like this guide on how to choose stickers.

Business card Magnet 25 Mil

#4- Buy in bigger quantities

Just like Big Box stores, retailers of Custom Printed Products will give a lower price, sometimes known as a  volume discount,  when you buy in bulk. This is because they are able to spread out the printing and labor costs across a larger order which significantly lowers their cost of manufacturing. It is good business to extend those cost savings to the customer. Stock-up and save! If you know you will need custom magnets or stickers in the spring and fall, you will save money and time by placing one large order each year, rather than two smaller orders twice a year.

#5 – Always check the wesbite, or ask for special promotions

A great way to save money is to place your order when there is a special promotion being offered. FREE Shipping or 10% OFF your order may not sound like much, but those savings definitely add up!  Sometimes the promotion will allow you to purchase more magnets without increasing your budget by more than a few dollars.  By the way, if you don’t see a promotion on the website, don’t be afraid to call and ask Customer Service if they can extend some extra savings.

Examples of high quality, low cost bestsellers at

BUSINESS CARD MAGNETS  : as low as $.13 cents each!

SAVE THE DATE Wedding Magnets: as low as $.19 cents each!

BASEBALL SCHEDULE MAGNETS: as low as $.42 cents each!



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