Inspirational Magnet of the Month - Cards by Anne - Summer 2017

Social expression is important to many of us, and we can express ourselves to the world in a variety of ways. We can communicate to one individual at a time. A good example is a thank you card to a friend that lets her know how you feel about her. We can communicate to a select group of people, like our family and friends. An inspirational quote on a refrigerator magnet that describes your attitude towards life is another means of social expression with a slightly bigger audience. If you feel like being very public with your social expression, there is nothing better than a bumper sticker to tell the world what is important to you, like who you are going to vote for, where you have traveled, or what dog breed you think is the best.Our Magnet of the Month is Cards By Anne. Her products are all about social expression through inspirational quotes and heartfelt sentiments. Read all about it!

Inspirational Magnet of the Month - Cards by Anne - Summer 2017

MAGNET OF THE MONTH – Cards By Anne Summer 2017

magnets: Tell us a little about yourself and what  inspired your business Cards By Anne.

CBA: I graduated with a BS in Environmental Engineering from Penn State, and I have an MA in Theology from Duquesne University. I live in Pittsburgh with my husband Jack, and I have three grown children and four grandchildren. I am an avid cyclist, and I also  teach a weekly yoga class.

Since high school, I have been collecting quotes.  I love to read, and I find so many quotes in books or the newspaper that really resonate with me. Sometimes, just listening to the lyrics in a favorite song can  inspire a quote for one of my cards or magnets. My friends and customers are always recommending their favorite quotes to me, too! 

magnets: The designs and messages on your magnets are beautiful. Can you tell us how you choose the Colors and Phrases to use on each magnet?

CBA: I do all calligraphy and artwork by hand in black ink, and I use dip pens with India ink, the old-fashioned way. The artwork for the 2 colors is created separately and then taken to the printer, where colors are chosen.  

I try to design 15 new cards each year, but I update and  re-design old cards frequently. I love to create designs which reflect current as well as traditional concepts. 

Hokey Pokey magnet

magnets:  Your customers must love seeing your inspirational refrigerator magnets every day on their fridges.  Have you heard if any of your customers  purchase the magnets as gifts?

CBA: Our customers love our magnets for themselves, and as gifts. I get wonderful feedback from my customers and they tell me they give the magnets to their friends.  I was so happy to hear that the magnets are often used as a gift for employees and volunteers.  School principals and hospital administrators find these souvenir magnets to be excellent tokens of appreciation for their employees. 

mother teresa magnet

magnets:  We have loved working with you for many, many years. We hope the feeling is mutual!

CBA:  Yes, it is! I love working with the staff! They are friendly, helpful and so easy to work with for all my re-orders. Every time I call to place an order, I'm treated like an important customer whose needs will be met immediately. The price and quality of the magnets is excellent, too!

isaiah Magnetst. john magnetRumi magnetjoy magnet

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