Magnets Help Raise Funds for Research and Consumer Guides

Do you know what pesticides might be coating your vegetables and fruit? EWG does. The Environmental Working Group has been sounding the alarm about potentially harmful pesticides that are being used all across the agriculture industry. To help fund their research and easy-to-use consumer guides, EWG offers these magnets to those who donate to the organization.


Its important to EWG to continue providing us all with cutting-edge research and easy-to-use consumer guides like this seasonal produce magnet. To help raise funds, the group offers their exclusive EWG guide to seasonal product magnet for your donation.


Clearly, EWG has a message to get out and theyve taken the lead by giving out useful magnets that provide their followers with relevant content. Getting their fans to donate to the organization is crucial for EWG to continue to research. That is why a simple marketing tool like a 5x5 customized refrigerator magnet has proved so beneficial for EWG.

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With this promotional keepsake, consumers have a constant reminder that all the resources of EWG are standing by to help them make informed decisions about their food. The magnet proudly shows off the EWG website address on the spot where it matters the most: The fridge. We should think about whats in our food every time we open the icebox to see whats for dinner.

This magnet has a clean, fresh design that puts EWG in a positive light with its users. Do you think you could benefit from this kind of promotion? There is power in that magnet and its not just "steel attraction!"

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