Reward Your Players with Custom Helmet Award Stickers!


To denote individual or team accomplishments, high school and collegiate sports teams will reward players with custom helmet award stickers. These decals, which are affixed the players helmet, come in various designs and have been used by high school and college football teams since the 1960s. (Whether or not former Ohio state trainer Ernie Biggs or famed coach Jim Young are behind their creation is up for debate. But we’ll let ESPN settle that one.) Today, several Division 1 college football teams hand out award stickers;and they are just as popular for high school teams.

Helmet award stickers are immensely popular as reward decals and as a way to boost team spirit. Customized Stickers will create any custom design for your team.

Here are the basics you should know about ordering custom helmet award stickers from Customized Stickers:

  • Awards decals are most commonly 1” circles.
  • We have stock designs you can choose from on our website or we can create a custom design for your team.
  • Customized Stickers will print any shape or die-cut stickers for your team helmets. This includes team mascot stickers, school logos, players initials or jersey numbers.
  • In fact, team mascot stickers and player initials are some of our most popular school
  • Customized stickers will print award decals individually or on sheets but we recommend opting to print on rolls for easy dispensing.

Get free shipping on your order of helmet stickers. In fact, all school stickers ship for free when you enter code SCHOOLSHIP at checkout!

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