Selfie Magnets Make Your Memories Magnetic!

Selfie Magnets Make Your Memories Magnetic!

Curious about Selfie Magnets? is an expert on Selfie Magnets, and the easy-to-use tools on their website makes transforming your favorite photos into magnetic memories a breeze.



Think about all the photos you have posted, liked, shared and pinned on your Social Media pages. Sadly, after about 2 days, those favorite photos are floating around in cyberspace somewhere, rarely to be seen again. Happily, there is GOOD NEWS! With and the SELFIE MAGNET MAKER, you can turn those favorite photos into refrigerator magnets that are long lasting mementos for yourself, your friends and your family.

Selfie Magnets are perfect for capturing every occasion: Birthdays, Graduations, Reunions, Dance Recitals, Sporting Events, Celebrity Sightings, Concerts, Bachelor(ette) Parties, Weddings, Baby’s Milestone Moments, Summer Camp, Puppy & Kitten Cuteness, 1st Day of School, and everyone’s favorite time of the year…VACATION!

5 Reasons You Will Love Selfie Magnets:

1. More Durable and Longer Lifespan than a Photo – Selfie Magnets do not bend, crease or tear. uses only the highest quality paper with a laminated protective overlay and strong magnetic backing to ensure every Selfie Magnet has a long life.

2. Designed by YOU! - Not only can you build-your-own magnet using your favorite images, but you can further personalize your Selfie Magnet with text. Perhaps include the date, or location, or names of the people in the photo…or add all of the above.

3. Affordable Gift Idea - If you are looking for a unique, meaningful gift that won’t break the bank, a Selfie Magnet is the answer. And, a Selfie Magnet is not expensive to ship…Simply place it inside an envelope with 1 stamp. Voila! An amazing gift for under $5!

4. Ready-to-Hang & Functional – Unlike a photo, there are no frames required to display a Selfie Magnet. Hang it like a refrigerator magnet, and it will also hold up 3-5 piece of notepaper, too!

5. Decorative and Creative– Imagine your own personal Selfie Magnet photo gallery on your fridge door. What a fun and creative way to liven up your kitchen, take a walk down memory lane on a daily basis, and create an interesting conversation piece in the heart of your home.

Here are some photos that would make perfect SELFIE MAGNETS!

Baby's First Tooth SelfieBeach Wedding Selfie

Sweet 16 SelfieGroomsmen Socks Selfie

Skydiving Selfie


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