The Built In Audience of Refrigerator Magnets

The Built In Audience of Refrigerator Magnets


Refrigerator Magnets Ads Have a Built-In Audience

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the number one goal of advertising. After all, brand recognition often converts to reliable and repeated business with loyal customers. The best way to achieve recognition for your brand is by giving potential customers positive, repeated interaction with your company. If the customer feels they are also getting something of value from your advertising, like a handy list of measurement conversions or emergency numbers, they will refer to your customized Info Fridge Magnet over and over again.

In the world of advertising, impressions matter. Not only making a great impression with the way you portray your brand, but also through daily, positive encounters. Luckily, there’s a way to achieve that continued contact without resorting to expensive television ads.  Custom refrigerator magnets, like those manufactured by, offer realtors, businesses and entrepreneurs a highly visible, quality advertising solution for “pennies per impression.”  

Built-In Audience

Nearly every single household in the United States has a refrigerator, and nearly every fridge is decorated with dozens of refrigerator magnets. Research shows the average person visits or consults their fridge about 15 times every day.  If your customized advertising magnet is on their fridge, that’s 450 views of your ad each month!

Your company name and logo will be a “message that sticks”, and it will most likely be the first name that comes to mind when a client needs the goods or services you provide. Highly personalized refrigerator magnets, with a unique shape, color, or design,  will further ensure that your ad gets the attention it deserves.

Positive Attention and Reinforcement

People associate positive feelings with the things they attach to their refrigerator. For decades, magnets on the fridge have been proudly displaying children’s artwork, showcasing family photos, providing daily motivation with an inspirational  quote, and reminding us of  important dates like a wedding or baby shower. By investing in custom promotional  magnets featuring your brand, you ride the tide of positive feelings and help encourage people to associate positive thoughts with your products.

Magnets on the fridge attract the attention of the homeowner, as well as every guest that comes into the home!  That’s because guests naturally gravitate to the kitchen, and often can be found looking at the gallery on the fridge. With an easy built-in audience and a wave of positive associations, you’re sure to enjoy the uptick in business when you invest in custom refrigerator magnets for your business.

At, we can create refrigerator magnets in every shape or size you can think of. Let us start designing yours today!


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