Using Outdoor Magnets


There are a ton of great outdoor uses for magnets. From helping out with tasks and side jobs to advertising and creating custom bumper stickers. Magnets are fantastic tools for everyday use, both in the house and out of it. If you are running your own business, then you can use promotional magnets to advertise your business around town. Use advertising magnets to showcase your work on the back or side of your car with our car door magnets! Use silly or witty one-liners so people want to put your magnet on their car, and advertise your business at the same time.

Or use custom photo magnets to show photos of your products, not only on cars, but also on any other metallic object outside. has a long line of customizable magnets that can be anything from a magnetic business card to a bumper sticker magnet. So how else can I use magnets outdoors? Working on a project outdoors involving nails, metal shavings, or similar materials? Organize or clean them up with a magnet. Use long outdoor magnets to pick up items down drains or in hard to reach spots. A magnet placed on the freshwater intake pipe leading to your water heater can catch metallic particles in the water that cause rust and corrosion. Do you drive a tractor? Use a ceramic magnet to keep bits of steel and other metallic materials from getting into the pistons by placing the magnet in the oil pan. And if you cart your toolbox around with you everywhere you go, then why not glue outdoor magnets to the side of it, which will allow you to quickly access and put down small tools and necessities without having to rummage around inside it each time.
There is also such a thing as magnetized paint, which can create a great outdoor work space or even make a cool magnetic art collage. And if you are still thinking about your small business, then using magnetized paint on the outside of your building could help you advertise with magnets, either by being a means of distributing advertising magnets, or as a means of altering your message to customers on a regular basis. Though magnets have been used for thousands of years through compasses and other means, magnets are still a current and great trend in business, fun, and for any other possibility you can think up!

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