Wear Red in February

Each year National Wear Red Day is observed the first Friday of February and this year that date is the 3rd! americanheartmonth2016   February is American Heart month and wearing red continues to spread awareness regarding heart health in women. Men and women alike, wear red as a symbol of their support in raising awareness regarding Heart Disease. This month is a great time to raise awareness and join in the fight to prevent Heart Disease. Wear Red for Women!   red-dress-heart   www.heart.org , offers useful tips on how to keep your heart healthy at any age by choosing a healthy eating plan and being physically active . If youre a smoker, one word; QUIT. A little background: Heart Disease is the number one killer of women and heart attacks occur every 43 seconds. Heres why: Because of poor diet and lack of exercise, the arteries that bring blood to the heart can slowly narrow over time from a buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances, preventing a clear passage way. When the blood flow, which brings oxygen to the heart, is compromised that is when a heart attack will occur.   healthy heart tips infographic-blog   Scary, right? Switch up your diet, start exercising and DEFINITELY quit nasty habits. Your heart and body will thank you, and you, will thank yourself later. Stand out in bright red and make heads turn on National Wear Red Day. After all, it is observed for a most important reason; to raise awareness for Womens Heart Disease and help prevent it.

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