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Health Industry Magnets

Do you work in one of the countless essential health industries? Magnets are a great way to remind patients to come in for their regular check-up or teeth cleaning. There are even pharmacy and eyecare medical magnets that can include helpful phone numbers, office addresses and website URLs. And calendar medical event magnets ensure your practice is top-of-mind when your patients need you most. Increase the accessibility and approachability of the healthcare industry with magnets from

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  1. NEW
    4” x 5.5” Custom COVID-19 Hand Washing Magnets
  2. NEW
    2.25” x 3.375” Custom Hand-Shaped Magnets for Coronavirus
  3. NEW
    2.5” x 3.25” Custom Save Lives Water Drop Magnets for COVID-19
  4. NEW
    2” x 11.5” Coronavirus Essential Worker Thank You Magnets
  5. 9.8” x 6.25” Magnetic Biohazard Signs for COVID-19 (2 Pack)
  6. Drop Shape Refrigerator Magnets 2.5x3.25
  7. Medical Cross Shape Refrigerator Magnets 4x4
  8. Large Door Hanger with Business Card Magnet 4.5x11
  9. Door Hanger with Business Card 3x8
  10. Clip Magnet Pill
  11. Mortar Pestle Shape Magnets 2.25x3.5
  12. Medicine Bottle Shaped Magnets 2.25x4.3125
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34 items