Using Your Magnets

Eight Ways Our Customers are Increasing Their Business with Magnets

We love when our customers tell us how they're using their magnets to help grow their business and bottom line.  At the end of the day, of course, that's what we're all about.  Following are eight easy and effective ways to use your magnets, as told by our customers.  With the sky being the limit, get creative!


1. Hand Them Out to Every Client, or Attach Them to Your Product

The old marketing rule still applies: your best customer is the one who has already bought your product/service. Of course, it's always easier (and cheaper) to generate sales from existing customers than to go out and find new ones. That's why so many of our customers are giving business card magnets to their clients at every opportunity. Florists are including florist magnets with every order. Travel agents are adding magnets to every ticket or brochure they send out. Computer technicians are sticking their magnets on every computer they repair. House cleaners are attaching magnets on every fridge after cleaning the kitchen. Mechanics are even sticking magnets to the spare tire of cars they fix. The possibilities are endless!


2. Try a Local Mail Promotion Pushing a Special Sale, Or New Product

Each magnet costs less than a standard postage stamp and has the potential to find a new client or a loyal old client!  Taking advantage, many of our customers are now mailing their magnets to households in their local areas. It's cheaper (and more effective) than placing an ad in the phonebook or in the newspaper, and it guarantees that their message and phone number will be in plain sight when a potential customer needs their service.


3. Hand Bundles To Friends, Family And Loyal Customers

Referrals and word-of-mouth are the best ways of generating sales for a small business. By having other people hand out your magnets they're acting as a third party endorsement. It's like a walking, viral testimonial for your business.  Try with magnetic calendars -a useful item that's sure to literally stick around!


4. Send Them With Every Piece Of Mailed Correspondence

Our customers are turning their invoices, statements, newsletters, brochures, holiday cards, and quotations into promotional pieces that support their message. When their customers receive their business card magnets, they're instantly placed on the fridge - much better than the standard postcard that quickly gets thrown in the trash.


5. Place Them In Community Visitor Centers Or Chambers Of Commerce

This is a great way to increase exposure! Some of our customers are even creating magnetic coupons with special offers such as 'Mention this magnet for a (5%, 10% etc) discount' -- a great way to drive action and a fantastic means of tracking the effectiveness of your magnet and marketing budget. You could place them on bulletin boards at local shops, schools, supermarkets, hardware stores, churches, or even community centers.


6. Use Them at Trade Shows

Magnets are easily the most cost-effective giveaway at a trade show. They have a higher perceived value, last longer, and provide considerably more advertising space than pens, cards, keychains or other branded products. In addition, they are always in your customer's sight long after other promotional items are tossed away.


7. Cross Marketing: Give Bundles To A Complementary Business

By giving magnets to a complementary business in your local area you can double your marketing efforts without doubling your costs. Mortgage brokers are working together with real estate agents to hand out each others magnets. Veterinarians and pet grooming Salons are placing their magnets at local pet stores. Even electricians, plumbers, and contractors are teaming up with local home improvement centers and hardware stores to display their magnets.

8. Try Something Unique

One of our pizzeria customers stuck dozens of their pizza magnets to their company van and encouraged passers-by to take one. A few of our cafe customers stick their magnets to every table on their patio -- a great variation on a coaster!


Have a great story or idea for using a magnet? E-mail us! If we share your idea we'll add 1,000 free magnets to your next order!