10 Creative Ideas For Save The Date Wedding Magnets

10 Creative Ideas For Save The Date Wedding Magnets

As soon as you share the excitement of your engagement with your immediate family and friends youve got to get to work! It doesnt matter if your wedding is a year away; there is a lot of planning to do between now and the big date.

First up: save the date. This is an announcement that can combine the happiness over the new engagement and gets your friends and families to mark their calendars. There are a lot of fun and unique ideas for save the date wedding magnets that you can borrow for your own announcement. Here are the top eight creative save the date ideas:

The Photo Strip

Remember those fun strips of four pictures you got at the beach boardwalk arcade? Why not recreate that as your save the date design. You can hold up signs for the date and place in two of the photos. The other two can have you goofing off like those strips always have!

The Movie Parody

Find a great movie poster with two people then recreate that poster as your announcement and save the date. Even if youre not a graphic artist there are plenty of simple programs you can use to achieve the desired effect.
The same save the date design you use for your custom magnet can be utilized on custom printed roll labels. These can be peeled off and attached to a card or seal and envelope! Did you we do stickers stickers too? Check out our sister site Customized Stickers. Well match your stickers to your magnets seamlessly!

A Chalk Photo

Here is where you can bring out your artistic side in your save the date design. Find a flat sidewalk type of surface and draw out a chalk design that you and your special someone can "lay down" in. Have friend take a photo from a ladder and youve created a one of a kind photo.

Save the Date Puzzle

Take your save the date photo and turn it into a tiny puzzle! Send those pieces in an envelope for a terrific way to reveal the surprise.

Illustrate Your Love

Look for an infographic template that you can plug in your own information and photos. This can then be sent out as an email attachment.

Classic Photo-based Save the Dates


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