Direct Mail Advertising for Real Estate with Magnets

realtormailersGrow your real estate business with mailer magnets!! This blog post details how direct mail magnets will help grow your list of clients. Learn about the best types of direct mail for real estate agents as well as the best offers and content to use on your mailers!

Why Direct Mail Magnets For Your Real Estate Business?

  • Generate 50% more responses than postcards alone.
  • Effectively target your area and get more listings!
  • Get more clients in neighborhoods where you already have listings
  • Get more referrals
  • Build trust and brand awareness
  • Establish yourself as the local expert

Best Types of Direct Mail for Real Estate Agents

  • Targeted Consumer Mailings: Leverage all the data that is available in order to mail only the best and most ideal "clients-to-be". Filter by age, income, home owners, marital status, length of residence, home sqft, net worth, home equity, age of home, rental property owners, credit scores, hobbies and much more.
  • Every door direct mail (EDDM): Saturate carrier routes in the best neighborhoods on a regular basis and spend less than other mail types.
  • Loyalty mailings (Database): Keep in touch with your growing list of previous clients on a regular basis and keep them coming back. Get more referrals. Keep them from the competition!

Best Direct Mail Offers for Real Estate Agents
  • FREE professional home staging
  • FREE market evaluation
  • FREE home warranty with the sale
Best Direct Mail Content for Real Estate Agents
  • Highlight active listings
  • Give tips on how to add home value
  • Create a neighborhood map
  • Print the local school district calendar

Below are some examples of direct mail magnets for real estate agents:

mailer_w1024     mailer_w1025 As always, offers FREE design, setup and proofs. For direct mail, we can handle fulfillment, list management and mailing. Give us a call at 866-229-8237 or email us at

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