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Just what are euro decals? Well you have certainly seen euro oval decals on cars but you probably never knew the history of these stickers.


4x6 Outdoor Oval Sticker (1-2 colors)

At the Convention of Road Traffic in 1968, the United Nations designated that oval stickers with one to three black letters on a white background to indicate a vehicle’s origin country. Euro stickers were also required to be a specific size: nearly 9x6in.  The hope was to eliminate the confusion caused by various license plate designs found in countries overseas.


4x6 Outdoor Custom Oval Shaped Magnet

Stickers that resemble the required Euro decals eventually became a trend in the United States. Oval stickers in North America are slightly different though. Because they are not regulated, they can be various sizes and feature colored letters, colored backgrounds, border designs and web addresses.


3x5 Custom Outdoor Oval Stickers

We print oval magnets and stickers with city state or beach abbreviations frequently in the classic style of black lettering and outlines on white ovals. We also print a ton of ovals that veer away from the classic Euro style and incorporate colors, slogans, jokes, illustrations etc.


3x5 Outdoor Custom Oval Magnet


4x6" Custom Outdoor Oval Magnet


4x6" Outdoor Oval Car Sticker (1-2 colors)


4x6" Outdoor Oval Magnet


4x6" Outdoor Oval Magnet

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