Refrigerator Magnets For Promoting Your Business


On a typical day at home, how often do you make a trip to the refrigerator? Some studies suggest we make that journey at least 15 times a day. Take a moment to think about any other advertising methods that captivate your aduience 15 times a day, 450 times a month, 5400 times each year! Now think about the fact that most customers who receive a magnet leave it on their fridge for many, many years. For pennies per impression, you will be reinforcing your name and services. That kind of ROI is  virtually unheard of for other types of promotions.

Benefits of Promotional Magnets

  • Referrals: How many of your new clients come from a referral? According to a study conducted by PPAI, 88% of people can remember the advertiser on a promotional product, 85% of people do business with the company featured on a promotional product, and 91% of promotional products are used in the kitchen. That means, a promotional refrigerator magnet with your name, logo and unique message will be front and center in the kitchen of everyone who receives it.


  •  Design Flexibility: A promotional magnet can be cut into any distinct shape magnet you can think of. Many businesses use magnetic business cards which are terrific, but if you are ready for a fun, affordable alternative, you can capture all of the same information on a whimsical shape magnet, too! A magnet in the shape of a house or yard sign with a photo of yourself is eye catching. Kitchen conversion magnets , calendar magnets  or any magnet with useful information ensure your magnet will be referred to on a daily basis.  A magnet with the simplest of designs can still be extremely impactful.
  • Marketing That Sticks: A magnet always gets stuck somewhere, and very rarely tossed away. Costing just pennies, a promotional magnet is extremely cost effective with impressions that are unbeatable when compared with any other kind of promotional product.
  • Thank You: Handing out a promotional magnet is like giving a mini-gift while promoting your business. A Survey Inc. study found that customers who received any type of promotional item expressed a more positive attitude towards that company. It's a clear and effective WIN-WIN!
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