2016 Calendar Magnets

Custom calendar magnets are a fantastic way to market to your customers all year round. As these magnets come with the usefulness of a functional calendar, your customers will not toss them away as opposed to printed flyers and brochures. In addition, employees of your own company can also benefit from such magnets. Read on to find out how!

Shift Calendar Magnets

If you are looking for day planner and shift calendar products for your fire department, these magnets will make a strong impression. The risk of anyone being late for their shift is greatly reduced! Whats more, there is even space to include the contact details of relevant in-charge personnel. Its a neat tool for staying organized and help your staff have all the information in one cool spot.

New Shift Calendar Magnets for 2016

Realty Brokerage Calendar Magnets

You will be able to increase the marketing power of your real estate brokerage services every day of the year with these effective calendar magnets. Besides giving them to your industry partners, remember to hand these out during trade shows or road shows. You will never know who will come calling next because your target audience is reminded of your services constantly with these magnets on their fridges

. Calendar Magnets for Realty Brokerage

Realtor Calendar Magnets

This is another real estate related calendar magnet idea that you can get your inspiration from. Use these magnets to ensure that your contact details are seen daily, so you will be remembered when past prospects and clients require your real estate assistance!

Calendar Magnets for Realtor

Electrical Contractor Calendar Magnets

Need to spread the word that you are providing urgent electrical repair services? With these magnets, you will be able to promote your business during any season. Its simple, its clean, and its surely effective!

Calendar Magnets for Electrical Contractors

House-Shaped Calendar Magnets

House-shaped calendar magnets are ideal for any real estate agents or any individual whos running a business in a home and garden related industry. From plumbers to duct cleaning professionals to landscapers, house shaped magnets can do the marketing trick for you!

Calendar Magnets for Houses

Calendar Magnets with a Chimney Icon

If you are looking for effective marketing products to grow your chimney business, these magnetic calendar magnets can keep your customers reminded about your business presence.  Placing an order for a calendar magnet is easy and it all starts at Magnets.com. Simply choose from our preset templates, or upload your own unique design and youre done! Once youve completed your order and have made the payment, we will send you an online design proof as confirmation. If you need us to help you design your 2016 calendar magnets for you, just let us know and we will do it for free too!

Chimney Icon Designs for Calendar Magnets

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