Save the Date Wedding Magnet - Magnet of the Month

Save the Date Wedding Magnet - Magnet of the Month

magnets: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Tell us a little about yourselves.

TommyNTara:  We are the future Coopers. We've been together for over 5 years and have really built a beautiful life together. Tommy is a barber who owns Coop's Barbershop. I am an esthetician (skin care) who works at a salon. We both are always meeting new people & love our jobs. Creativity is a huge part of our lives. I am an artist & he is a bass player. 

magnets:  What made you decide on a SAVE THE DATE Wedding Magnet instead of a traditional postcard?

TommyNTara:  We wanted to create a Save the Date that would stand out and be original. Traditional Save the Dates typically get thrown away after some time, however we wanted a keepsake. This is an affordable option that has already made an impact on our guests!

magnets: In a word, your design is AWESOME, and so original. Like your guests, it made our team want to know more about your wedding. Where did the design inspiration come from?

TommyNTara:  We have gone with the TNT theme (symbolizing TommyNTara). We wanted the message to be EXPLOSIVE, BAM, DYNAMITE! We wanted to create an energy with our wedding save the date magnets, so guests will get excited! Luckily, my friend Leslie was able to help us design this vision & execute our message. We used bright colors to match our fun wedding colors with a twist of the old school comic book style. A little Clark Kent meets Wonder Woman vibe with the characters reflecting us. We've received so many responses from friends saying how amazing they are! The feedback we've been getting is: "That magnet is so YOU!" "Epic Save the Date!" "Love your magnets!" "Can't wait for your Wedding, this Save The Date has us excited!" So, mission accomplished!! The magnet is perfect in every way!! We smile every time we look at it!!

magnets:  We smile every time we look at it, too! By the way, how did you chose

TommyNTara: We chose because the prices are extremely reasonable, reviews are excellent, and the staff is helpful. Luckily, the quality & turn around time is fantastic , too! I would highly recommend to anyone who asked me where to shop for custom magnets!

magnets: Thank you for choosing us to make a “magnetic memory” for your wedding. We are honored to be part of the preparations for your special day.

TommyNTara: We are honored and so pleased with our magnets! Thank you once again for wanting to feature us, this only brings more excitement to our special occasion! We might even utilize your services for some type of thank you post wedding project. Please keep us posted, and fingers crossed we win magnet of the year! Lol.

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