Business Card MAGNET OF THE MONTH - adds their custom business card magnets to each customer package to provide easy-to-find contact information for future customer service inquiries and future repair part needs.


Magnets:     What can consumers expect to find at 

FIX:       From your lawnmower to your coffeemaker, provides quality parts to make your repair quick and easy. When things break down or stop working at their best, it’s not a fun experience. It’s an unexpected financial and schedule derailment, and can cause a ripple effect of disruption that can ruin your whole day, week, even month! We get that. That’s why we are here to empower people to do simple DIY repairs themselves to save time, money, and most importantly, get their appliances back up and running. We do all this while also offering fair pricing, quick shipping, and millions of parts. We hope we’re doing a good job with all of the above, and want to thank you for the opportunity to be featured as a “Magnet of the Month!”

Magnets:    The design on your refrigerator magnet is very impactful and contains great information.  Can you tell us how the magnets will be used by and distributed to your audience? 

FIX:      Our magnets are added to each customer package to provide an easy contact for customer service inquiries and future repair part needs.

Magnets:     Your website also provides a great service to your customers via your BLOG. Articles like, “How to Build a Farmhouse Table”, and “How to Create a Sneeze Free Garden.” Do you think the BLOG inspires your audience and gives them confidence to try new DIY projects they hadn’t thought of before? 

FIX: Thanks for the nice words about our blog! It's something we've focused on extensively over the past few years. We're aware that while our service of helping people take pride in DIY home repairs is useful and necessary, the real fun often begins after the repair is made (or before it needs to be!) We want to help our customers get the most out of their tools, equipment, and appliances all the time, and our blog helps us connect with people outside of the occasionally frustrating field of repair. We're here to inspire and help you every step of the way, and we hope our blog is a good reflection of that.

Magnets: is a valued customer of ours, and we thank you for putting your confidence in us.  In your own words, tell us why you continue to choose  

FIX: is such a pleasure to work with. Our magnets always turn out beautifully and the quality is perfect. Your customer service staff is incredible…always personable, knowledgeable and friendly. We will definitely order from you again!


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