Four Political Yard Sign Design Rules

Flickr Yard signs are often the first and only campaign materials people notice during local political campaigns. These eye-catching signs are powerful tools to build name recognition and generate support for a politician.Here are four tips to keep in mind as you design your own yard signs.SizeYard signs, which are predominantly seen by motorists driving past, must be visible from the street. This might seem like a given point but it is incredibly crucial to successful campaign literature. If yards signs are too small, no one will notice and no one will vote for your candidate.ClarityThink of what catches your attention as you drive past billboards on highways – large and clear advertisements. This rule can and should be applied to campaign yard signs.Do not overcrowd a sign with too much information or illegible, script fonts.Your candidate’s last name should be the focal point of the sign. Choose at least two complimentary colors and the font should be a simple, block-style. One-word phrases such as “Vote” or “Reelect” will provide just enough information to inform potential voters.ConsistencyA political campaign promotes a brand and all materials – buttons, stickers, signs – should reflect that brand. No matter how many materials you design and order, make sure they utilize the same font and colors.Think Non-TraditionalRed, white and blue might the most traditional colors used in political campaign literature. But do not be afraid to deviate from the norm.If your candidate is an independent, progressive activist, design a logo that reflects those values. Sometimes having a non-traditional design can attract new voters.A successful political campaign will have the most impact if all materials are ordered in bulk and put on display in a short period of time.Right now, is offering 20% off your order you checkout with 3 or more campaign products. Use code BUNDLE20 at checkout!

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