Magnets With Grocery List Notepads Are Best For These Businesses!

Are you looking for unique ways to improve the marketing aspect of your grocery business? Oftentimes, one may think of hosting in-store tasting events, connecting with valued shoppers through social media apps, collaborating with local farmers to sell farm-fresh ingredients, and digitizing coupons. Still… You might be missing out on other alternatives such as magnetic notepads with grocery lists! These customizable grocery magnets are a great way to promote your business and company. What’s more, these magnets won’t be seeing the bin any time soon. Your customers will stick them on the fridge and use these magnets to note down all the items they need from your store. Let’s find out what types of businesses benefit from such magnets!


Research has shown that an increasing number of consumers want to eat healthier. Fresh foods are one of their choices and they believe that these types of foods can help them achieve this. You can give out magnets that encourage them to list down all the important food items that need to be in their diet plan. Whenever they get ready to head down to your supermarket, they will be reminded of the must-buy items. Your customers will thank you for that!

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are taking advantage of a new trend of sending coupons straight to their customers inboxes via email. Its time to do something different for your store and allow your business to distinguish itself from competitors. Try sending house shaped grocery lists with our custom shaped magnets to your customers’ mailboxes instead! These magnets are something they can definitely use.

Convenience Stores

Is your convenience store located along a busy street? Do most of your customers drive? If you said yes to both questions, you’re in luck! Every time a customer makes a purchase, give away a free grocery bag shaped magnet! Include your business name, address and contact details so they never forget where they shop from!

Fun Design Ideas for Grocery Store Magnets

Promotional magnets are quickly becoming great tools for small- and mid-sized businesses in the grocery industry. Here are some of the latest design ideas to consider: Custom Magnet With Grocery Store Bag Design Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow with this custom grocery store bag shaped magnet design. For this design, not only can you include your company logo, contact number and business address, you can also reveal some of your most popular products to your customers to increase the possibility of them buying the same featured items when they visit your store. Peel Stick Magnets This grocery list with peel stick magnet design is great as it will stay in the home or workplace of your customers. With a dedicated area to stick your business card, your contact details are always within close reach. This is truly advantageous when you are trying to increase your brand awareness. Whenever you are designing your magnets, always remember that they have a direct impact on the success of your marketing strategy. Hence, you should always try your best to sell your product through your design. Dont be afraid to create a design thats eye-catching and can introduce your products and services to the general public.

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