Funny Family Photo Magnets

Whats better than giving or receiving a funny holiday card? Giving or receiving funny holiday card magnets!
Your friends and family will love to keep your card on the fridge all season long! Here we have compiled a few of our favorite funny family photo cards.

The Too Busy for Real Life

This one is a true sign of the times! The father is especially comical - Phil Dunphy anyone?

The Eyes Wide Shut

What happened to 1-2-3-cheese? The guy in front is really great.

The Flying Dog

The flying dog combined with the retro look of this family photo makes it almost convincing!

The Bitter Divorcee

He looks mad, but we know he had fun making this one!slide_269356_1873108_free

The Dog Child

Lets face it - we love our pets - thats why they end up on so many holiday cards! Here are a few of the best we could find.

Joy to the World

And finally, our Grump Kids Category - because tis the season!
Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 30538 PM
Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration for your holiday magnets! Get the costumes out, fire up Photoshop and photograph Fido. Then send us your masterpiece to print onto beautiful full color magnets.

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