Planning Your Direct Mail Advertising Postcards with Magnets


With direct mail advertising, timing will impact your campaign results. You must consider the content of your mailer and the date that your promotion or event is taking place. From there you should be able to build a timeline that will maximize your campaign.

Consider these suggestions when planning your next mailer:

December is typically not a great time to send direct mail due to heavy mail flow - Its difficult to stand out in the crowd and therefore less cost effective. That being said, the first 3 quarters of the year are likely to serve up the best results for most brands.

The amount of times you contact your target audience is equally important. Plan to contact the customer at least three times and leave enough time in between so as to not seem like spam or junk mail. A rule of thumb in advertising is that it takes at least six impressions before people connect your product or service with the marketing message.

"Save the Date" Mailer Magnets

At, we print a lot of mailer magnets that are used as "Save the Dates" for school reunions, fundraising and other community events. Once again, timing is important to ensure your spot on everyones social calendar. Save the Date mailers should be sent anywhere between twelve and six months prior to the event days.

Mailers for Non-profit events and fundraising.

Direct mail is a popular marketing approach for non-profit organizations who are seeking to reach their community or donors directly. Physical invites delivered directly to your audience have a surprising impact on turnout. Direct mail feels more personal and is more likely to encourage people to mark their calendars for an event or donate to the cause.

When sending out mailers to advertise for non-profit organizations, two to four months notice should do the trick. Plan to follow up within four to six weeks prior to the event.

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