How To Use And Care For Your Custom Magnets


Advertising has long been going on ever since the time businesses were started. Business owners are constantly looking for new and fresh ways to get their message across to potential and existing clients. While emailing and social media posts seem have to help achieve their goals, it doesnt mean that they are the best solutions. For all the money and effort thats spent on advertising, its amazing to now know that there are more cost effective ways to advertise by using good old customized magnets! There are so many benefits involved with such magnets, and placing orders for them is a easy process that requires nothing more than connecting to the internet. With the help of basic graphic design skills as well as a variety of shapes, brilliant colors and features to choose from, you can turn any idea into attractive designs without any problem. Until your next order of magnets arrive, lets find out how you should use and care for them.

How to Apply Custom Magnets

Before the magnet is applied, its good practice to test all paints and inks used on the magnet for solvent and adhesion compatibility. Be sure that all clear coats, surface paints and waxes are cured or have hardened. In addition, try to choose affix the magnets on a smooth and flat metallic surface. You will have a hard time affixing magnets on repainted, simulated wood grain siding and non-metallic body fillers surfaces. When applying the magnet, ensure that there are no air pockets and it is flat against the metal surface. If the magnet is in the wrong position, simply remove it and reaffix. You do not want to pull it across the surface as it may stretch. Never pick a surface thats exposed to direct sunlight or extreme cold weather. Temperatures exceeding 160 Fahrenheit and below -14.8 Fahrenheit will make the magnet more brittle. Sunlight can also cause uneven fading of the surface as the magnet-covered area is protected from UV rays.

How to Clean Custom Magnets

For outdoor applications, you will want to prevent dirt and moisture buildup between the metal surface and the magnet. Hence, remove the magnet on a regular basis and clean both the metal surface and the magnet with mild detergent. You should clean with a soft cloth and let them air-dry. If you are using these magnets on vehicles, you will need to remove and clean them daily. After polishing and waxing, apply the magnets only when the wax has cured.

How to Store Custom Magnets

Always keep the magnet in a clean and dry place when you are not using it. For rolled magnets, you will want to store them with their vinyl or printed side out to prevent flat spots. For flat custom magnets, always stack them on a level surface. Do note that placing heavy objects on top of the magnets can damage the face. In addition, never stack with magnetic sides facing each other. Are you ready to customize your own promotional magnets? Browse through our extensive selection of custom magnets today or let us bring your design ideas to life!

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