Top 5 Most Popular Car Magnets of 2015

When it comes to promoting your product or advertising your business, car magnets can be one of the most effective mediums to do that. They can stick to the sides of many types of cars and when they are driven around, these magnets can help you gain more views than many other ads and banners on the internet. In fact, you will have a new audience wherever you drive and this is the great thing about these particular magnets! You can advertise your business with minimal effort as they do most of the work for you. Here are the top five most popular car magnets from 2015 that deserve some recognition:

Custom Outdoor Paw Print Shaped Car Magnets

paw shaped magnets

If you have a sports team, school mascot or pet organization you like to promote, what better to do so by using paw print shaped magnets? These magnets easily stick to any vehicle and are inexpensive alternatives. What’s more, their specific shape is easily associated with anything that has to do with sports. If you are looking for quick ideas, this particular magnet design will be one of the best options to consider!

Outdoor Football Helmet Shaped Magnets

These custom helmet shaped magnets go well on any car or van you own and their unique shape is sure to be eye-catching. Their ability to turn heads is definitely an invaluable tool that is vital to your promotional campaigns.

Custom Outdoor Circle Magnets

circle magnets for teams

Got an upcoming event that you would like to promote? Use these high quality customer outdoor magnets! They will add additional impact to any upcoming sport event or tradeshow. Best of all, you will be able to print them with a variety of vivid colors to capture the attention of curious onlookers.

Design Your Own Custom Outdoor Magnets

Love to take things into your own hands to create something that is different and unique? This design-your-own magnet range allows you custom magnets of any shape and size. If you run an eatery and food delivery is one of your services, you can stick these magnets onto your delivery vehicles with ease. Remember to print your business hotline in large, readable fonts!

Circle Shaped Car Sign Magnets

Planning to advertise the newest range of products that your business is carrying? Whether they are about food, fashion or beauty products, you can print all sorts of creative designs you can think of these quality circle magnets. With a strategic combination of images and words, you will be able create a strong piece of advertisement that can follow you everywhere! As you see, car magnets have a lot of potential and can help create a lot of awareness for your business. Whether you are driving down a busy street or highway, you can be sure that your magnet advertisements are constantly exposed to hundreds or even thousands of passer-bys. We have a wide range of car magnets that await your perusal, so simply choose a design that you like and start printing your very own personalized magnets today!

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