Car Magnets for Business Promotion


When it comes to using car magnets for business promotion, there are two major subcategories: Car Magnets and Car Sign Magnets.

The first one (car magnets) describes a smaller sized magnet purchased in bulk and handed out or sold to customers. This kind of magnet typically ends up on the rear of a car, mimicking the traditional bumper sticker. We sometimes call these "bumper magnets" for that reason. Bumper magnets are a popular item for non-profit organizations. Many of the pink ribbons you see on cars are actually magnets - not stickers!


One of our most popular bumper magnets is the Euro sticker style magnet shown above. This particular magnet was printed for TEDx Fenway.

Car Sign Magnets are the larger magnets youll find on the sides of vehicles and that advertise the services of a particular business. Car signs are meant to target your local audience, hence we see them most often on food delivery vehicles and local contractor trucks. Car signs are not only for delivery services and plumbers though; occasionally, we do see a giant tooth come through the factory for a dentists office.


Car signs are most often square or rectangle in shape. Our most common sizes sold are:

Square and rectangular car sign magnets are most popular, but we do print plenty of round outdoor car magnets as well.

Below is an 11" round car sign magnet we've recently printed for Minibar, a spirits delivery service based in NYC.


Browse our standard shapes and sizes of car door magnets. We are able to print any custom shape or size and we offer free design and proofing services!

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