When Fernando Markwiese, President of sent a photo of his company van, he was blown away by what happened next! Find out how a business owner is using customized, promotional magnets in his highly effective, low-cost Door Hanger marketing campaign. This is a fun twist on your typical magnetic business cards.

VAN SHAPED FRIDGE MAGNET OF THE MONTH -  What kind of business is  We provide full-service storage in the Greater Chicago Area, and when we say full-service, we truly mean it! We come out to your residence or business, pack the things you want to store, and take them back to our climate controlled 85 degrees to 50 degrees safe and secure warehouse. This allows you to avoid temperature-related damages to your belongings. We are free pickup and delivery, plus we pay the monthly insurance.

Our storage warehouse is outfitted with security cameras so we can keep a close eye on your things. Whenever you want to add or retrieve something from your box, we can do it - no problem! Simply contact us and we'll take care of everything. You won't have to lift a finger.  What inspired you to start  The inspiration for our business came to me when a friend who lived in a 1 car garage condo asked if he could store some of his stuff in my basement. He didn't want to pay Self-Storage prices, so I loaded up some boxes and put them in my basement in a corner. He was really amazed how much more room he had,  and when I saw how little cubic feet It was taking up in my basement, I got the idea to use a large PalletBox and do this as a business. What kind of magnets did you order to promote your business & how will you use them?  I ordered Van Shaped Fridge Magnets to use in my marketing campaign. I put a promotional door hanger on every door in a neighborhood with a van shaped magnet attached. I know after people read the hanger they might toss it into the garbage, but people hardly ever throw out a good fridge magnet! The magnet looks just like my vans with  all of my contact information, and because it will stay on their fridge it will remind people to call when they are considering their storage needs. Can you describe your experience working with  I was absolutely amazed how easy the process was working with I called and briefly discussed what I was looking for.  Then I sent an email with a picture of my Van hoping to get something close enough to my company colors with my name and telephone number. I was blown away when I received the proof of the magnet the very next day! It looks exactly like my Van, even the make and model!  It was beyond my expectations. did all the artwork and formatting in less than a day, FOR FREE! Thank You so much!

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