What Are The Benefits Of Promotional Magnets?

Promotional magnets are sometimes known as customized refrigerator magnets or advertising fridge magnets. They are a great way to promote your business and help your brand gain more exposure. This is because they are functional and people really do use them so unlike other weak business promotional items, promotional magnets seldom get thrown away! Heres a look at the benefits of using promotional magnets to promote your business cause:

Ease of Distribution

Promotional magnets, compared to many other types of business promotional items, are much smaller and portable. If you are carrying these magnets to hand out to your targeted audience, you do not need to arrange for specialized transportation means to transport them, thus helping you save costs on logistics. Whats more, if you want to mail them out, its extremely easy to do that due to their size, shape and make plus the fact that postage will be cheap as the magnets are lightweight in nature. Thats why when it comes to the ease of distributing magnets, not many promotional items can even come close to the convenience promotional magnets provide.

Functional, Highly Visible and Durable

Because fridge magnets are highly functional, whether your users use them to hold notes or use them to decorate their fridges, its a fact that these magnets get used. When a promotional magnet is used on the fridge, it is highly visible to all that visit the fridge, and makes an instant impact on the fridge users. Unlike promotional items such as cups that might be broken or T-shirts that might no longer fit, promotional magnets enjoy a longer service lifespan because they are more durable and cannot be damaged easily.

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Low Advertising Cost per Impression

According to a research done by American Purdue University, the average person will open the fridge 10 to 12 times a day. Can you imagine for a small family of 3, the average number of impressions made by a single promotional magnet on your fridge is 924 per month and over 11,000 times per year? Do you also know that the average lifespan for a refrigerator magnet to remain on the fridge is 6 to 8 years? What all these numbers can show you is that promotional magnets have one of the lowest advertising costs per impression when it comes to marketing. This also means that if you are running a small business with a limited budget for marketing, these cost-effective promotional magnets can easily fit right into your budget.

Lots of Customization Options

When you think about promotional pens, do you feel limited by the space it affords you to engrave your wordings? Well, you will certainly not experience this with promotional magnets. From customizing the color to the shape to the size and more, there are many customization options that you can enjoy with these magnets so that you can capture the attention of the recipients as well as establish your brand image in the exact way that you want. As you can see, the benefits of using promotional magnets are too good to ignore. When you order from magnets.com, you can also benefit from 100% free custom design for your magnet and a quick turnaround time. Browse through our catalog or simply get started with your customized promotional magnet order!

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