5 Reasons Why Custom Calendar Magnets for 2019 are Very Effective!

5 Reasons Why Custom Calendar Magnets for 2019 are Very Effective!

Are you wondering, "What is a Calendar Magnet?" and "Why is it so Effective?"  Those are both very good questions and will be answered in this post.

For starters, a magnetic calendar is a customized refrigerator magnet featuring your brand logo and information, plus a handy annual calendar.

Here are some of the many benefits of a calendar magnet, both for promoting your business, and for your customers, too! 

1) Practical and Affordable

Calendar magnets are extremely functional and a great investment. While traditional calendars need a large wall space to be displayed properly,  calendar magnets can be attached to the fridge in the heart of the kitchen, inside a locker door, or on a whiteboard or filing cabinet at the school or office. Even better, you do not need a lot of space to store them in your own office prior to distributing them. Even when you are mailing them out, the postage will not cost much as a traditional calendar because Calendar magnets are more compact and lightweight.

2) Popular and Long Lasting Impression

According to a survey done by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), respondents have answered positively towards calendar magnets. A whopping 79% of the people surveyed said that they like to receive calendar magnets as a promotional gift or premium. If you are looking for a magnet that has a long lasting impression, a calendar magnet ticks that box, too!   We often recommend calendar magnets because we know your customer will look at  your magnet for a minimum of 12 months. That means your logo and message is front and center for a very long time, and for a very affordable price!

 2018 Calendar Magnet Insurance

3) Effective as a Marketing Tool

Many businesses know the importance of using calendar magnets for marketing. If we refer back to the survey done by PPAI, 88% of the respondents remembered the advertisers name on a promotional product they have received. This strongly suggests that calendar magnets can build brand recognition and serve their intended purpose of marketing. When you consider the average person opens their fridge more than 15 times a day, your calendar magnet will get viewed at least 5500 times on a yearly basis. We are exaggerating when we say that Calendar Magnets can constitute one of the cheapest forms of marketing today!

2018 Realtor House Shaped Calendar Magnet

4) Many Applications

Calendar magnets are great for any type of business or institutions. From a car detailing business who wants to attract new customers, to a school who wants a unique fundraising tool, to a non-profit organization who wants to thank its sponsors, calendar magnets rise to the challenge!  Here is a clever 3-in-1 photo refrigerator magnet that comes with a calendar that we just love.  It is an Advertising Magnet customized with your logo and contact information, plus a calendar magnet in the center that pops out to reveal a Photo frame magnet for your customer to use for their favorite picture! 

Photo frame Calendar magnet


5) Design-Ready Capability

What we really love about calendar magnets is the fact that customers have so many design options to choose from. Whether you choose a fun cut-out shape or choose a traditional stock size and shape, there are limitless options for making your Calendar Magent unique. Our Design team can help, and all of our design customization is FREE!  

If you are convinced that you should be getting calendar magnets today, look through our preset template collections or simply start uploading your own design to get started. One thing is for sure calendar magnets from Magnets.com will never disappoint!  

2018 Magnets.com Custom Calendar Magnet

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